• Though direct measurements using a drillstring measurement system have been collected while drilling for several years, lack of integration with the control system has limited the value and applicability of such systems. Our StringSense™ system overcomes these limitations, providing operators with a means of surface measurement directly on the drillstring and allowing them to use that data to develop a more complete picture of the drilling process from downhole to surface.

    On an offshore project with a customer in the Gulf of Thailand, we worked with the operator to test the drillstring sensor system over a one-year test period. The analysis included rig integration testing and sensor functionality assessment, and it culminated with a trial that provided direct, in-the-loop feedback to the autodriller drawworks control system. The data collected provided substantial evidence that the StringSense system increased BHA stability and ROP in deeper hole depths while reducing drilling dysfunctions and improving autodriller control.

    To get an in-depth look at this project and our StringSense system, read our special feature article in the October edition of World Oil magazine here.

    To download the full SPE paper, visit OnePetro here.

    Published Date: 2018-10-19
    Source: National Oilwell Varco