• Complete Lifecyle Management for Your Drill String

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    From beginning to end we give you total asset control and a never-before-seen view of your drill pipe.

    With TracID, our field proven RFID technology, we capture all asset history, enabling better informed decision making on drill string design, inspection, repairs and maintenance, thus extending asset life and improving the safety and efficiency of your drilling operations.

    As your single source for premium drill string products and solutions, Grant Prideco™ and Tuboscope™ help you reduce total cost of ownership by increasing drill pipe life and improving asset management programs.


    One million joints of drillpipe have been produced by Grant Prideco and Tuboscope at our Navasota facility!


    80% of all Grant Prideco drillpipe is internally coated with Tuboscope's TK™ coating.


    Tuboscope TCS™ Hardbanding is applied on 60% of all Grant Prideco drill pipe.


    Tuboscope holds over 30% of Grant Prideco's global licensee locations.

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